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The Millionaires’ Unit – U.S. Naval Aviators in the First World War

The Millionaires’ Unit is the story of an elite group of college students from Yale who formed a private air militia in preparation for America’s entry into World War One.  Known as the First Yale Unit, and dubbed ‘the millionaires’ unit’ by the New York press, they became the founding squadron of the U.S. Naval Air Reserve and were among the very first to fight for the United States in the Great War. 

Using the words of these pioneer aviators from their letters and diaries, the documentary tells the story of young men coming of age as America was coming of age as a world power.  The film tells the story of the service and sacrifice is the great untold story of early American aviation in World War One.

The documentary was inspired by the book The Millionaires' Unit by Marc Wortman. After seven years of development and production, The Millionaires’ Unit documentary will be presented to the public this year - 2014 - in time for the beginning of the commemoration of the centennial of World War I.

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Movie Trailer (3.5 minutes run time)

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